CLICK HERE to view a full information packet!  General information is listed below.    

Want to know more about taking a trip?

We’ve made it easy for your team to serve!  Mission trips can be intimidating, especially if travelling to a new country.  We coordiante with the in country mission partners and take care of all the details for you.  All hotel, transportation, and translator needs are arranged for you by World Mission Partners! If you’re serving patientes, the dental clinic schedules your patients based on your preferred patient age and your desired work schedule.

Once your trip dates have been confirmed and a $250 non-refundable deposit has been made, you are ready to make your airfare arrangements, hotel rooming list, and collect supplies. A final invoice will be sent and a final payment due 30 days prior to the travel date. Now, you and your team are ready for an amazing experience. Welcome to a calling greater than anything you can imagine!

FYI – You must be current on all immunizations and tetanus shots.

Where do we serve?

Currently we are taking families and teams to both Costa Rica and The Dominican Republic.  We have plans to deploy teams all over the world, but we’re very established in both these countries, making it safe and organized for us to send teams to these two countries.

In Costa Rica, we serve in three locations; The Abraham Project, and the Methodist Churches in La Carpio and Los Platanares.  See the Costa Rica page for more information.

In The Dominican Republic, we are focused on the Batey communities in the city La Romana and the Good Samaritan Hosital.

What does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the size of your team’s. Here is an example of the cost for a team of 6 (2 dentists & 4 assistants).

What’s Included:

What’s not included:

Dominican Republic Trips

In December 2016 WMP began sending dental teams to La Romana, DR. Our partner is a non-profit hospital called El Buen Samaritano (Good Samaritan). This hospital has a single dental chair and a mobile dental clinic located in an R V. This mobile clinic provides treatment to the rural areas surrounding the town of La Romana. Our mission teams take the R V into the rural areas called “bateyes” and treats the patients in their community. These patients live in the “bateyes” are the sugar cane workers and their families. The average salary for a sugar cane worker is $8 a day for the 6 months sugar cane is harvested. Most are refugees from Haiti with no legal papers to allow them to get a better job and a better living in the cities. Therefore, the cycle of poverty continues unless divine intervention occurs. Most of these bateyes have no access to public transportation, limited electricity, minimal access to water and no proper sanitation. When our teams serve, they provide hope! Our teams represent an answer to their prayers for help!

Our mission program is growing in La Romana! With the generosity of Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute leading the way, the El Buen Samaritano Hospital is adding a much needed 6 chair dental clinic and lab to serve the surrounding community. It will provide jobs and much need hope to those in pain and need of compassionate AND complete dental care! Partnering with the Scheduling Institute is Design Ergonomics (DE) in Fall River, MA. Combined with the passion of the Scheduling Institute and the design expertise of DE, this clinic will be opening in late 2017! Our teams will have the opportunity to treat patients in the bateyes and the local hospital setting! This will be an impactful addition to the La Romana community!

Activities include but are not limited to:

·       General dentistry

·       One day cosmetic dental treatments

·       Oral hygiene

·       Oral hygiene classes

·       Parasite prevention medicines distribution

·       Providing reading glasses through vision clinics

·       Food distribution

·       Donation distribution (items the teams collect and bring into the country like baseball caps, shoes, and clothing)

Teams arrive in Punta Cana or Santa Domingo and are picked up by a driver and taken to the Casa De Campo resort near La Romana (approximately 45 minute to 1 hour away). All meals are prepared for your team by your house staff and served family style. Your driver picks your team up and takes you to the R V which will be ready and waiting for you in the batey. After you treat patients you are taken back to the resort for rest and a great meal! 

Costa Rica Trips

Our primary focus in San Jose, Costa Rica is relationship building while doing construction. Our mission partners include the United Methodist Churches in the poor communities of La Carpio and Platanares. We also partner with the Abraham Project near Rio Azul in San Jose.

Activities include but are not limited to:

·       Minor and major building projects

·       Children’s activities

·       Serving in a soup kitchen

·       Providing reading glasses through vision clinics

·       Hosting community activities to help establish a church presence in the community (cook-outs, soccer games, concerts to name a few recent events)

Hotel – Costa Rica Trips

While in San Jose your team will stay at TBD.

Sample Daily Itinerary – Costa Rica


  • Arrive in SJO (San Jose, CR) mid morning or early afternoon.
  • Driver (prearranged) will take you to Hyatt Place to check in.
  • Once settled in the hotel, take a taxi to Abraham Project (2 km – 5 min drive).
  • Visit the dental clinic, meet the local dentist, unpack your supplies and evaluate the equipment.
  • Return to Hyatt for dinner at local restaurant.

Monday – Thursday

  • Breakfast at Hyatt is served 6:00am-10:00am.
  • A van has been arranged to take you each day to AP at 8:30am.
  • Unless requested otherwise, your first patient will be scheduled at 9:00
  • Patients are scheduled in 20 minute intervals, unless requested otherwise.
  • Lunch is served on site at 12:00 noon.
  • First patient after lunch is at 1:00.
  • Last patient is scheduled at 4:40 unless requested otherwise.
  • Leave Abraham Project for Hyatt for dinner.
  • Dinner is at one of the many local restaurants in the hotel complex. (Safe food and water).


  • Same as Monday-Thursday with the exception that the last patient be scheduled before lunch.
  • The afternoon is free to explore San Jose and the surrounding communities.


  • Departure from San Jose.