How can you help?

  1. Join a Mission Team.
  2. After you serve, never forget the lives you touched, met, and served with compassion. Pray for them.
  3. Return and serve on another team!
  4. Donate and partner with us.


As with all charities, we are dependent on donations to support our partners. Below are a few suggested donation amounts. This is not a complete list. Any amount will make an eternal difference. JOIN US as we support and serve to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around the world!

For the month of September 2017, donations made here will go towards Doctors and their teams that had damage in the hurricane affected areas that are Scheduling Institute clients. If you have an upcoming trip your donation will continue to go towards your trip.

Make a donation here!

Partner Support Costs (Abraham Project, Platanares, Los Guido and La Carpio)

Cost per month

Cost per year

Abraham Project:Lunches for the construction workers
$150 $1,800
Abraham Project: Dental supplies for local dentist (Dr. Melania)
$250 $3,000
Abraham Project: Salary for Translators
$500 $6,000
Abraham Project: Salary for Dr. Melania
$1,000 $12,000
La Carpio Soup Kitchen: Feed a child for a month (5 meals per week)
$30 $360
Children’s ministry programs
$50 $600
Pastor Support
$250 $3,000