World Mission Partners Mission

World Mission Partners is a non-profit 501(C)-3 organization that mobilizes mission teams to serve in poor areas of foreign countries and Glorify God with our heart and hands.
Our goal is to coordiante all of your mission teams logistics in the foreign land, including transportation, lodging, logistics, schedule, meals, etc.  You just have to show up!!  The only thing you coordinate is getting yourself to the country, so your flight!
God has mighty things prepared for you… Get ready to be amazed and blessed!

How World Mission Partners Began

Originally, our teams served out of Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church beginning in 2006. In 2005, founder, Ed Pease, began his mission experience for all the wrong reasons. All he wanted to do was serve on one team and get it over with because his wife, Patti, had already been on several trips. Once Ed arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica and met the wonderful people he was serving, something happened. His reasons for serving changed. His heart softened and he felt the call to lead the next year’s mission trip for his church! That was 30+ teams ago and there is no end in sight!

In order to serve a wider variety of teams, World Mission Partners was established in 2013 as a non-profit. Originally, the name was Costa Rica Mission Partners. In 2016 they decided to go beyond the borders of Costa Rica and began serving in Dominican Republic. The name changed but the mission remains the same…facilitate and mobilize mission teams while glorifying God.

World Mission Partners coordinates all types of mission teams from all over the USA. Our original focus was family teams that serve together and build relationships with other families while establishing connections with the people they serve. Our primary emphasis for our family teams was and still is to be relationship builders. So families bring their open hearts to serve and if you get construction work done, that’s great, but it is not our focus. Our mission partners in the countries we serve are our motivation. We build relationships with them, providing them encouragement and spiritual support as they remain in the communities to serve our Lord.

Another large focus of our program is medical and dental teams. Since 2007, we have taken a doctor on our family trips to treat patients in San Jose’s poorest communities. In 2014 we added dental teams. To date 48 dentists have treated patients compassionately in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. In 2017, over 40 dentists have committed to serve and will bring much needed relief and hope to the poor communities near La Romana, DR!